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Special Features

The Machimoodus and Sunrise State Parks have some special features we'd like to share with you:

Trail Sign IMG_0316.jpeg

Equestrian-friendly trails

Recently we helped Stella, a young equestrian from the area, complete her project for the US Pony Club. She created an informative chart of plants commonly found in the parks which can be toxic to horses. This laminated identification guide is now hanging on the backside of the kiosk at Machimoodus. She also installed a trail etiquette "Yield" sign at the junction of the blue and lower vista trails. Both are wonderful assets to the park. We are very grateful that she chose to do her project at Machimoodus and we wish Stella all the best in her future endeavors.

Click here to see a larger version of the Toxic Plant Chart


Ginger's Garden

After years of work and planning, we have finally begun planting Ginger's Garden. There is much work still to be done but we are on our way to creating a pollinator pathway, carefully designed to augment the many wildflowers already growing in the meadows and grasslands of the park. When completed, we hope to have Ginger's Garden certified as a Monarch Waystation by MonarchWatch. We are inviting the community to get involved - interested individuals or organizations can adopt or sponsor a "Boulder Bed". So far, our group has planted two beds, one has been adopted and one has been sponsored. Read our recent press release on this initiative!

Help Us Grow

Ginger's Garde garden 4 2.jpg

QR Codes

We now have a QR code which when scanned by a smartphone will bring up the parks map.  The QR code has been posted near the map holders on each of the kiosks so that even when there are no maps left, you can always know where you're going. We also have a QR code that goes directly to our PayPal donation link and one that goes to the homepage of our website.

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