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January 2021 Hike and Seek Photo Treasure Hunt

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

Our Hike and Seek photo treasure hunt is really just a scavenger hunt, but rather than collecting hidden items, you’ll document your finds with a camera.

Just like other scavenger hunts, the goal is to find as many items on the list as you can. This list includes various types of treasures; some will be straightforward and easy to find, and others will be more of a challenge. We’ve identified 31 treasures, one for each day of January.

So grab your camera or smart phone along with our First Days Hike and Seek list and head out to the parks! [Note: The First Days Hike and Seek list is available for download at the bottom of this page, both as part of the full packet, or if you prefer as a separate single-page file.]

As you find each treasure, snap some pictures. Get creative. Try taking photos at different angles, in different lighting and with unusual points of view, focus in one particular aspect you find intriguing, or take a selfie with your find.

Remember to bring along water to stay hydrated, plus a bag to hold your camera in case it gets dropped while you are searching!

There are only a few rules to this event:

1. Hike safely

2. Respect nature

3. Leave No Trace

4. Have fun

For your safety and the safety of our native habitats, please stay on the trails, watch out for hazards, and do not disturb wildlife.

Anytime you’re at the parks, practice smart social distancing. Stick with your own group and stay at least 6 feet away from other park users. Wear a mask if walking in close proximity to other hikers is unavoidable, but make sure that you take your mask with you when you leave the park.

For those of you bringing your pets along: SCOOP THE POOP! And for the love of nature, put the bag in the proper receptacle. There is a poop bin adjacent to the Machimoodus parking lot.

Related information and files to download

We encourage you to read our Learn From The Land article. Not only does it contain fun facts about our parks' ecosystem, it may help you in your treasure-seeking adventure. The full activity packet, including the First Days Hike and Seek List as well as Learn From The Land, is included in First Days Hike FULL PACKET.pdf, below.

First Days Hike FULL PACKET
Download PDF • 275KB

If you prefer to print off only the Treasure List, it is provided separately here:

First Days Hike and Seek List
Download PDF • 272KB


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